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Encounter at the exhibition Amos Gitai: Kippur, War Requiem & George Segal: Sacrifice of Isaac 1973 (Hebrew)

Encounter with the the curator, Mira Lapidot

Amos Gitai: Kippur, War Requiem
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, one of the most traumatic events in the history of modern Israel. Auteur filmmaker Amos Gitai was a young member of the military reserves at the time, part of an airborne rescue team that evacuated wounded soldiers from the battlefields of the Golan Heights. On the sixth day of the war, the helicopter was hit by a missile, the co-pilot was killed, and the helicopter crashed in Israeli territory. These events eventually led Gitai to filmmaking. In his rich filmography, he has repeatedly engaged with this war, including a documentary (Kippur: War Memories, 1994) and a feature film (Kippur, 2000). The exhibition presents a new video installation of his. Processing the war experience in retrospect, it explores the elusiveness of memory and the echoes of trauma.

George Segal: Sacrifice of Isaac 1973
George Segal's (1914–2000) sculpture, Sacrifice of Isaac, depicts the figures of Abraham and Isaac at the defining moment of the biblical story. Abraham's figure is alert. His arms are stretched next to his body. His right hand holds a kitchen knife in place of the slaughtering knife in the biblical story, while his left hand is fisted. His head is upright, and he looks at Isaac, who is lying at his feet. The figures are installed on a rock-like plaster base. The sculpture freezes the moments preceding the decisive act or the moment immediately following it.

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