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Movie Night at Tel Aviv Museum of Art / Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait by Francis Bacon | dir. John Maybury (1998)

The Museum is delighted to launch a new series of events linking its ongoing exhibitions with movies from Israel and abroad. Once a month, we will screen a movie relating to a prominent exhibition, preceded by an introductory lecture by either a curator of the exhibition or one of its featured artists.
The series program is linked to the exhibition program;
we recommend visiting the exhibition before viewing the movie!

Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait by Francis Bacon
| dir. John Maybury (1998)
87 minutes, English with English subtitles

A captivating and thought-provoking film that delves into the complex and tumultuous life of the renowned British artist, Francis Bacon. This biographical drama offers a unique and intimate exploration of Bacon's artistry, personal relationships and inner demons, through the depiction of his complicated relationship with his lover, George Dyer. The film illuminates the dark and unconventional aspects of Bacon's life, explores his struggles with addiction and the profound impact of his traumatic past on his artistic vision. Bacon's groundbreaking and provocative artwork had a significant influence on contemporary art. His exploration of the human form, often depicted distorted and visceral, reflected his own internal struggles with his sexuality and relationships.

Screened as part of the Pride Week events at the Museum and preceded by a short lecture by cinematographer Benjamin Freidenberg.
We recommend viewing Francis Bacon’s
Three Studies for a Portrait of George Dyer (1964) at the Susan and Mizne-Blumental Collection before watching the film.

Spaces are limited.
Participation in the encounter includes entrance ticket to the Museum.

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