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Movie Night at Tel Aviv Museum of Art / Erwin Wurm: The Artist Who Swallowed the World | dir. Laurin Merz, (2012)

The Museum is delighted to launch a new series of events linking its ongoing exhibitions with movies from Israel and abroad. Once a month, we will screen a movie relating to a prominent exhibition, preceded by an introductory lecture by either a curator of the exhibition or one of its featured artists.
The series program is linked to the exhibition program;
we recommend visiting the exhibition before viewing the movie!

Erwin Wurm: The Artist Who Swallowed the World | dir. Laurin Merz, (2012)
52 minutes, English and French, with Hebrew subtitles

Erwin Wurm’s “one-minute sculptures” are among his prominent works. Extras (or viewers in his exhibitions) are requested to become partners in his work: to stand in buckets, lean their heads on oranges, balance chairs with their bodies, and more. At times it might seem that his aim is solely to amuse, but in fact Wurm, an influential contemporary artist, is a serious artist. While deconstructing the conventions of sculpture (anyone can be a sculpture for a minute!) he deals with such topics as consumerism and the human condition.

The movie documents the award-winning artist as he follows the various exhibitions he installs throughout the world, where he constantly surprises and invents.

We recommend visiting the exhibition Erwin Wurm: Away at Home before viewing the movie
The movie is preceded by a short lecture by the curator of the exhibition, Mira Lapidot

Spaces are limited.
Participation in the encounter includes entrance ticket to the Museum.

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