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Movie Night at Tel Aviv Museum of Art / Footloose | Herbert Ross (1984)

The Museum is delighted to launch a new series of events linking its ongoing exhibitions with movies from Israel and abroad. Once a month, we will screen a movie relating to a prominent exhibition, preceded by an introductory lecture by either a curator of the exhibition or one of its featured artists.
The series program is linked to the exhibition program;
we recommend visiting the exhibition before viewing the movie!

Footloose | Herbert Ross(1984)
110 minutes, English, with Hebrew subtitles

Footloose is the classic 80s musical film that explores the transformative power of movement. Set in a small town where dancing and rock music have been banned, the film follows the journey of a teenage boy named Ren McCormack as he challenges the town's conservative values and fights to bring dance and music back to the community. Through its high-energy dance sequences and memorable soundtrack, "Footloose" shows how the simple act of moving to the beat can bring people together and inspire change. As Ren's passion for dancing and refusal to give up his love for music sparks a cultural revolution in the town, the film ultimately demonstrates how movement has the power to break down barriers and transform even the most conservative communities. An inspiring tale of how movement changed a town.

We recommend visiting the exhibition So Moving before viewing the movie
The movie is preceded by a short lecture by the curator of the exhibition, Shua Ben Ari

Spaces are limited.
Participation in the encounter includes entrance ticket to the Museum.

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footloose - Copyright by production studio and distributor