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Michal Heiman: attacks on linking

Michal Heiman returns to the art scene as if it were a scene of a crime, to draw another "link", to seek survivors, to prompt and pursue shreds of thought, subverting the link's very ability to function as a foothold in existence.

Her works comprise rich, diverse materials – from mundane incidents and autobiographical childhood memories to works by other artists, diaries, clinical studies, photographs, films, and psychoanalytic texts. All these pass through the melting pot of her dialectical vision, at once constructive and destructive, associative and dissociative, consecrating and desecrating traces of human practice and thought.

The dependence on the viewer's gaze and the fear of that very gaze which observes that which no longer exists, which is condemned to transpire in "another" reality, "there", are distinctly present in Hieman's works. This duality, which nevertheless embraces humor and compassion, generates a multifaceted conscious gaze, opening up new possibilities and options which are at the core of art making.

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