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Vera Vladimirsky: Sand Wall

Winner of the Lauren and Mitchell Presser Photography Award for a Young Israeli Artist, 2021

Vera Vladimirsky (born 1984, Ukraine, immigrated to Israel in 1991) depicts in her work a journey in search of identity as a new immigrant to Israel. Her photographs combine documentation, memory, yearning and fiction, and through them she composes a new narrative that examines the concept of “home.” Vladimirsky’s work process is layered: direct photographs that become collage, montage and photographic installations in space, which she then photographs again, with an emphasis on natural local lighting and breaking down the image’s internal space. Her aesthetic choices are reminiscent of early 20th-century avant-garde trends. They offer a viewing experience that brings together an intercultural encounter of past and present, here and there, through space and aesthetics, the architectural and the public, against a domestic and personal background. The exhibition features four series, two of which were produced especially for the exhibition.

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