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Eco-Cinema: Films That Love Nature / FernGully: The Last Rainforest, 1992 / Ages 5-10 (in Hebrew)

Hanukkah activities following the exhibition Material Imagination: Center of Gravity / Israeli Art from the Museum's Collection

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art invites you to celebrate Hanukkah with unique family activities. We will go on wonderful cinematic journeys and watch carefully selected films that engage with the special relationship between man and nature, and why it should be safeguarded.

Each cinematic adventure will be accompanied by an independent activity page, and the young participants will be invited to visit the exhibition Center of Gravity / Israeli Art from the Museum's Collection and get to know the works up close.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) | Director: Bill Kroyer
USA, 76 minutes, Hebrew dubbing

The FernGully fairies have never seen humans, and when Crysta first sees Zak she accidentally shrinks him to the size of a fairy. But there is a problem: Zak is one of the loggers who came to cut down the rainforest trees. The magical inhabitants of the rainforest set out to protect their home from the loggers and Hexxus, a malevolent pollution entity.

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Attention! Tickets are required for all participants, including an accompanying adult (on the activity reservation page, please make sure you select the correct number of tickets for all participants).
The activity will take place in a gallery adjacent to a secure space.

Note: This activity is in Hebrew only.