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The Israeli Pavilion at Expo 67, Montreal, 1967

The Israeli Pavilion at Expo 67, Montreal, 1967

The Arieh and Eldar Sharon Collection
Azrieli Architectural Archive

Established in 2010, the Azrieli Architectural Archive’s mission is to preserve original architectural material, advance architectural research, and promote and exhibit the heritage of Israeli architecture. To this end, the Archive collects, catalogues, and makes accessible primary sources, with particular emphasis on pre- and post-independence Israeli architecture, and Jewish architecture.

In addition, the Archive functions as a research facility that focuses on the study of architecture in Israel, in order to advance its historical and theoretical discourse.

Every year, the Archive offers residency fellowships for Israeli and international researchers, to study its collections. In addition, it collaborates with universities in Israel and worldwide, initiating joint projects for the study of Israeli architectural heritage.

The Azrieli Architectural Archive and Tel Aviv Museum of Art habitually present exhibitions of material from the archive’s collections. These include the collections of many notable Israeli architects, including Arieh Sharon and Eldar Sharon, Dov and Ram Karmi, Lipa Yahalom and Dan Zur, Nahum Zolotov, David Yannay, David Reznik, Samuel Barkai, Arie Sonino, and Werner Joseph Wittkower.

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