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Meir Dizengoff`s will bequeathing the Museum to the city of Tel Aviv, 1935

Maurycy Gottlieb’s Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur (1878) presented at Tel Aviv Museum/Dizengoff’s house, late 1930s

Photo: Philips Press Bureau
TAMA Archive

The Archive documents the Museum’s activities and history from 1929, when Mayor Dizengoff launched the initiative to establish a museum, to the present day. The Archive collects, preserves and makes accessible authentic material relating to and derived from the Museum’s activities throughout its 90 years of existence. The Archive is committed to achieving its goals through advanced technologies and encourages public involvement in its contents.

The Archive’s extensive body of knowledge holds almost two-million physical items and hundreds of thousands of electronic items reflecting the Museum’s history and interests. Among these are such items as minutes, reports, documents of directors, curators and functionaries, work and donor files, Museum publications, ephemera, photographs, architectural plans, audio and video recordings. This valuable information attests to the Museum’s establishment, the work of its directors throughout the years, the growth of the collections, the history of the exhibitions, the educational programs, the Museum’s links with artists, galleries, art institutions in Israel and overseas and its links with the Israeli public. Together, these archival materials constitute a vital source of information both for institutional continuity and for the research of the Museum’s history and place within a local and national framework.

Page from Dizengoff’s notebook discussing the Museum, 1931
TAMA Archive

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