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Meir Dizengoff`s will bequeathing the Museum to the city of Tel Aviv, 1935

Meir Dizengoff`s will bequeathing the Museum to the city of Tel Aviv, 1935

The archive was established in 2011 with the aim of preserving and documenting the Museum’s ongoing operations, to facilitate its research and study. The archive items document the “behind the scenes” activity at the Museum throughout its decades of existence, including research work during the preparation of exhibitions; correspondence with artists, galleries, art institutions in Israel and around the world, donors and Friends of the Museum; photographs documenting various exhibitions and events in the Museum’s history; and architectural drawings.

The Archive is accessible to Museum staff and academics. Students are accepted based on their research topic and scope, after the professional team has examined the relevance of the Archive material to the subject being researched.

Visits to the Archive are by appointment only, after submitting a written application that includes:

  1. A brief summary of the research topic
  2. Other sources being considered for the study
  3. A letter of reference from a qualified academic body
  4. Your résumé

Some items may be restricted to protect the Museum’s intellectual property, or because the records have not yet been processed and prepared for public use. In addition, there may be further restrictions on items that include personal information about third parties.

During the visit, you will be required to sign a form of written consent regarding the Museum’s policy conditions and procedures governing the use and publication of the archived material.

"Join the Friends of Tel Aviv Museum Association", brochure, ca. 1940

"Join the Friends of Tel Aviv Museum Association," brochure, ca. 1940

To arrange a visit and other details

Tel. +972-3-6077445

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