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Deganit Berest, The Circle by Vinginia II, 1976

Deganit Berest, The Circle by Virginia II, 1976

© Deganit Berest

The Israeli Art Documentation Center was established in the Museum Library in 1977 to preserve, cultivate, and make available art-related information to scholars, students and art lovers. It is an exceptional enterprise, as it offers documentation of Israeli art from the 1920s to the present day. It takes a comprehensive collection approach, with a view to representing all the “players” in the field and presenting a full reflection of the world of Israeli art and its discourse, including creative and intellectual output published on websites and in social media.

נחום טבת, פינה, 1974

Nahum Tevet, Corner, 1974

The Center’s collection covers approximately 7,300 artist and thematic portfolios, which include press clippings, curatorial texts, exhibition invitations, press releases, catalogues, and biographical synopses. In addition, it groups materials based on topics such as artist groups, or collectors’ names, and documentation of artistic activity in major museums in Israel.

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