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Virtual Encounter via Zoom / Southern Album: Israeli Photographers in Tribute to the Residents of the Western Negev (in Hebrew)

Due to the current national security situation, the Museum will be closed to the public. Most activities in physical spaces are postponed until further notice, except for a few events (free of charge, but advance registration is required).

We are all going through extremely trying times. In a bid to help, however modestly, we continue to offer, for the sixth week running, an hour of respite, by providing captivating lectures and encounters every day, free of charge, via Zoom.

This week we will recall past exhibitions at the Museum, get to know some of the beloved works in its collection, and visit important collections around the world. We invite you, the culture-loving public, to enjoy an hour of curiosity.

We wish everyone days of peace.

Southern Album: Israeli Photographers in Tribute to the Residents of the Western Negev / Lecturer: Prof. Dana Arieli

The residents of the western Negev have often described this region as “95% paradise, 5% hell.” Israeli photographers—of artistic or documentary photography, as well as amateur photographers who live in the region—have been captivated by its charms, and have documented it over the years. A ­collective endeavor instigated by Dana Arieli on October 7, 2023, Southern Album began as a daily post online. To date, dozens of photographs have been uploaded to it that tell the story of the western Negev before and after the terrible massacre. Many more artists plan to upload works in the coming weeks. The lecture will reveal a small part of the emerging human mosaic.

With the participation of Moshe Filberg, nature and landscape photographer, who lives in the western Negev kibbutz Yad Mordechai, and Yuval Hen, photojournalist, Yediot Ahronot

Duration of the session: approx. 90 mins.

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Note: The Lecture is in Hebrew.

Image: Dana Arieli, ElHayaen Ostrich Farm, 2021